Long Grey Beaded Necklace on Charcoal Cord


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I like to try and do my bit for the environment and recycle when I can. I’ve come across some fabulous beads which I’ve recycled to make into some long statement necklaces, this one contains some interesting beads in various shades of grey, and I’ve put them on a charcoal cord.

The length of the necklace from one end to the other is 85cms.  The largest bead which hangs at the lowest point is 3.3cms x 2.4cms approximately.

This necklace looks good on a number of outfits, it’s quite a statement piece and it’s a bit boho as well.  If you work at home and need to partake in Teams Meetings then this necklace could be quite useful to dress up a top.

This particular necklace is a one off because I don’t have the same beads to create another one which is exactly the same.

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